Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hungry Like The Wolf

I apologize in advance for the fact that I am about to regress back to being 13 years old. I'm really sorry but I have to let loose a junior high girl squeal:


Okay, now that that's out of the way...I saw Duran Duran last night in concert for the first time in my life! I've loved them since I was 12 and finally, FINALLY, saw them live! When I was in junior high, I was madly in love with John Taylor (no, Jenn, you're not too old to do the groupie thing!!) and later I moved on to Simon LeBon. In fact, when we got our hamsters, I wanted to name mine J.T. for John Taylor but Mom said that since it was a girl, I should name her Madonna.

Anyway....Mom bought me tickets to the show for Christmas and last night was the night! It was at Magness Arena on the DU campus. We arrived 2 hours early and both had to use the bathroom. Mom walked right up to the front doors of the arena and pulled - surprisingly the doors were open! We walked in like we belonged there and used the restroom. I could hear music coming from the stage and recognized it as "Astronaut", the title track from Duran Duran's new CD. I realized that they were down on the stage doing what I thought was a sound check. I told Mom what was going on and after we used the restroom, she walked right over to the locked gate that overlooked the stage. Sure enough, there was Simon LeBon in baggy jeans and a wrinkled pink t-shirt singing his heart out. There was John Taylor in black basketball pants and a black t-shirt and thick black rimmed glasses. (Mom said he looked like a nerd.) I could see Roger Taylor behind the drum set and Nick Rhodes at the keyboard set-up. The guitarist was blocked but I assumed it was Andy Taylor. We stood there for a while and after they finished "Astronaut" they moved on to "The Chauffeur." They were only working on the music and went over a certain section about 5 times. Mom asked if the song ever ended and if it had words! After abouut 10 minutes, the guards came and informed the 5 of us that they were getting ready to lock the doors, we had to leave. I was jazzed that we got to watch them reherse!

The opening band was a 5-member group of boys called Clear Static. I had never heard of them and was annoyed that we had to sit through a no-name band to get to Duran Duran! But they surprised me. They were tight and their songs rocked! They had a cover of The Romatics' "Talking In Your Sleep" which was excellent. The crowd responded well to them and I just ordered their EP abouut 5 minutes ago! I really liked them! They have a Cure sound to them.

While we were waiting for the Duran boys to come out, the guy in front of me noticed I had the Tour Book so I was showing it to him. It's a pop-up book with two pages of pop-up Duran Duran fun, trading cards of each member, a flip-book, a stage and cardboard figures of the band so you can have your own concert!! Then in the back is the actual program and a Japanimation comic of the boys. The guy in front of me was quite impressed!

Finally, the show started and the five of them walked out onto the stage wearing Armani suits and stood there watching us for about 60 seconds. Then they went to their instruments and started to play "Sunrise." The crowd was going wild, me included, of course! After 22 years, I was actually seeing Duran Duran LIVE!!! OMIGOD!!!

They played a lot of tunes from their new CD and a ton of oldies. This is the set list:



Before "Hungry Like The Wolf" (which Mom had bet me would be their opening song. I thought it would be either "Wild Boys" or "Is There Something I Should Know" but we were both wrong.), Simon said, "Hey Colorado!! Is anybody hungry?" I about died; that's what he says on the Arena album before that song and I've always loved that! I was thrilled I got to hear it live! I told you, I'm reverting back to being 13!

Anyways...there's a song on the new CD called "Bedroom Toys" which I absolutely adore. Before they began that tune, Simon asked the crowd what they got for Christmas. Of course, I'm yelling that I got tickets to their show! :) And then he said, "Did anyone get any bedroom toys?" I started screaming in delight cuz I was sure they wouldn't play that one. Mom looked at me in shock - I think she thought I actually *did* get bedroom toys for Christmas! She ended up liking the song, though.

All in all, I think it was the best concert I've ever seen. I almost cried when it was over. I didn't want Simon & John to go away! I remember when Duran Duran were huge in the 80's, people criticized them for being a bunch of pretty boy pop stars. But you know what? They may be beautiful men but they are great musicians!! They can play the hell out of their instruments and Simon has an amazing voice! He's got great stage presence as well.

Speaking of musicians, I forgot: Andy Taylor's father was taken ill in Engalnd and he had to fly back the day before the Denver show. They got a guy named Dominic Browne to replace him. They rehersed all afternoon with the new guy - that's what Mom & I saw before the show - and he played like a madman! I didn't even miss Andy, this kid was that good. And he looked just like Prince Henry!! I was seriously impressed.

So there's my Duran Duran concert review! I'm so enamored by them again! I dug out my videos of them and bought their new DVD today!! But like I warned you, I'm 13 again! Probably will be for about 2 weeks!

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