Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I've Got An Answer

Derek has given me the questions now I give you the answers. Hold on to your potatos, here we go!

1. Explain how you acquired the nickname "Foot.
When Derek was little, he couldn't say "Heather."
It came out "Heado." For some reason, when I was in high school, the nickname "Heado" came back into fashion. Everyone in my family was calling me that. One afternoon, we were in the car and I was barefoot in the back seat, Derek was in the front. I had my right foot resting on the arm rest of the car door by Derek so he took a pen and wrote "Heado's Foot" on my foot. His friend Ryan saw it and starting calling me Heado Foot which soon got shortened to just Foot. My friend Troy took it one step furthur and calls me Das Footen.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich2. You enjoyed eating grilled cheese sandwiches when you were a kid, but never quite learned how to produce one in a kitchen setting. Please describe the time which you were saddled with the task of preparing a grilled cheese sammich for a hunchbacked, yet paying, customer.

You would have to bring this up, punk. I never learned to cook even though Dad is a genius in the kitchen. In fact, today he made sopapilla cheesecake and it was to die for. But I digress. I worked in the snack area/kitchen at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course when Dad ran the kitchen. He did all the cooking. All I did was take orders and money. One day, though, he wasn't there and the owner, Stu, came in and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. I warned him that I didn't know how to cook but he poo-poo'ed my answer, probably thinking that I was lazy and didn't want to cook. Well, I showed him!! I melted butter in a skillet, toasted some bread, grilled the cheese in the skillet then scraped it off and served it with some tater chips. He took about two or three bites and tossed the rest. He told Dad the next day that it was the worst grilled cheese he'd ever had. Well, I warned him!

3. In light of the Saturn Ion's "poor" side impact crash test rating, in which car do you feel safer: your Ion or Collin's Kia? Explain why.

I feel safe in both cars, thank you. I had a Kia like Collin's for a while and felt safe in it. I trust Saturn.

4. If you had "children," what would you name them?

How many kids are we talking about here? 2? 5? 12? Here's the names I like:
Gwendolyn Stefani
Joshua Aaron
Julia Araminta
Christopher Sebastian
Daisy Arabella
Brett Travis
Summer Olivia
Aiden Hunter
Catherine Taylor
Christian Michael

5. Explain, please, your disturbing fascination with ancient Egypt and it's related accoutraments

The image ? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Why is it disturbing? Ancient Egypt was cool...everything about it was cool. The way they embalmed the dead and buried them in their tombs and all the riches and art and pharohs and, and, and.....IT'S JUST NEAT! I mean, look at Senusert, here....pretty nifty looking, huh?

So there we go! Questions asked & answered! That was fun. Give me more questions!!!

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