Monday, March 07, 2005

Losing My Head

There are a few ways that I would be scared to die: fire, drowning & suffocation are a few. But the one just really freaks me out the most is beheading. I can handle watching any gory thing in a horror/slasher movie except if someone gets their head lopped off. The first time I saw The Omen and that guy's head was cut off by that sheet glass....I almost puked. And then in Wrong Turn & Emanuelle Chiriqui in that tree....bleck!

Sometimes I think I was beheaded in a past life. I'm not thinking I was Marie Antoinette or Anne Boleyn or Lady Jane Grey anyone else famous but maybe a supporter of Marie during the French Revolution or a spy or something.

I looked up the history of beheadings and apparently we have the Greeks and Romans to blame. They thought it was an honorable way to die. Whatever. Below I've included the portraits of the 3 women I mentioned just because I wanted to. Hope you all had good Mondays!

Marie Antoinette
Queen of France

1755 - 1793

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Anne Boleyn

Young, beautiful and learned Jane, intent
On knowledge, fount it peace; her vast acquirement
Of goodness was her fall; she was content
With dulcet pleasures, such as calm retirement
Yields to the wise alone; -- her only vice
Was virtue: in obedience to her sire
And lord she died, with them a sacrifice
To their ambition: her own mild desire
Was rather to be happy than be great;
For though at their request, she claimed the crown,
That they through her might rise to rule the state,
Yet the bright diadem and gorgeous throne
She viewed as cares, dimming the dignity
Of her unsullied mind and pur benignity.

by William Hone (1780 -1842)
Inscribed beneath a portrait of Lady Jane Grey

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