Friday, March 25, 2005

That's What I Thought

Birthday Cake

Yesterday I was reading Derek S's blog and he was commenting about how he had made up a situation in his head and the next day it actually happened. That's also happened to me a few times.

The first time was the summer before my junior year in high school. I had a crush on a kid named Troy who was a friend of a friend who lived around the corner from me. I hadn't told anyone except my cousin Camille who was staying with us for a few weeks that summer. We were washing dishes before going to Rhonda's house and I was telling her about a situation I had made up in my mind: that we would get to Rhonda's and Wayne, Troy's friend, would be there. Somehow it would come out that I liked Troy and he would say, "Troy? No one likes Troy!" I have no idea why I would have thought he would say that - Troy was pretty cute! But there it was.

So! We walked down to Rhonda's and sure enough, there was Wayne. He started teasing Camille that another friend of his, Skip, liked Camille. She said that she liked John (yet another of his buddies) and he said that John liked me. I said that I liked Troy and Wayne says, "Troy? No one likes Troy!" Camille and I just stared at each other! Word for word, it had come true!

The second time was during my senior year. I was walking home a different route than normal because I had walked with Shanon to a friend's house after school. One of the houses that I had to pass was John's house, the friend from above. I had a vision that as I walked by, he would be coming out to check the mail. He would see me and ask what I was doing. "Walking home," I would say. "What are you doing?" "Checking the mail. Why are you walking this way?" And I would explain why.

So as I pass John's house, here he comes. "Hey, Heather, what are you doing?"

"Walking home. What are you doing?"

"Checking the mail. Why are you walking this way?"

"Becuase I walked with a friend over to house where she babysits after school and now I'm going home." We talked a little bit more after that but I was totally freaked out! It had happened AGAIN!! After that I started really making up conversations and situations that I wanted to happen but it very rarely did.

I don't what the conditions have to be to get these visions but they seem rare and they also don't seem to deal with anything of extreme importance! But it's creepy!

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