Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Chinese Logic Sticks

I went to New Panda about a month ago with my friend Troy. There was no one crouching behind the counters or screaming obscenities that visit but rest assured it wasn't a totally uneventful trip. When our food arrived, Troy asked for chopsticks. The waitress brought both of us a pair. I can't use chopsticks, never got the hang of it so I didn't open mine up. I left them sitting by my plate while I ate with a fork. While we were talking, I looked down at the packaged sticks and saw there was writing on there. I found what it said highly amusing. Here it is:

I love that they don't cater to any one restaurant. As long as it's Chinese, you're good to go!! Plus I applaud the manufactuers by assuming that all Chinese food is "nice." It's the last sentence that has me scratching my head. What is "glonous?" Is it supposed to be "Glorious?" I'm pretty sure that "cultual" is meant to be "Cultural." Whatever they are, they're typical & traditional. For unskilled Americans like me, there are directions. Thank God there are pictures illustrating how to do this cuz their spelling leaves something to be desired. Is this how they think we spell & talk in the U.S.?

I mean, if there wasn't a picture of a thumb, I might think they were trying to spell turnip. And they can't even spell CHOPSTICK which is the product they're pushing!!! Wait, they spelled it right on the bottom section...who was their proofreader? Do they still have child labor in China? That would explain the spelling. But it's nice to know that once I master the art of holding the chopsticks, I can pick up ANYTHING!! I still have the chopsticks in my purse so I'll have to practice and then use them when I go shopping or cleaning house...who knew chopsticks were so versatile?

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