Thursday, April 21, 2005

An extra - just for YOU!

I got this from Jenn. She stole it from Celti. I just really like these kind of things. Fun to answer, easy to post!! :)

do you/have you....
like the taste of blood = You know, I don't think so but I never think twice about sucking it off me when I cut myself...maybe I'm a vampire and don't know it!

believe in love = Of course I do!! I'm in love so deeply right now, I'll never get out!

believe in soul mates = Yes.

believe in love at first sight = Yes, but not for me or else I would have fallen for Collin the first time I saw him. As is stands, I still can't remember anything about that first meeting (at Derek's wedding rehersal) and I hate that!! I need a time machine!

believe in god = Yeah, I think I do.

ever cried over a boy = All the time...not lately, though. I think the worst time was when I was madly in love (or so I thought) with this guy at college and I went all out for him at Christmas and he got me a yo-yo. I cried for days!!

ever lied to someone = Well, yeah. Doesn't everyone?

ever been arrested = No! I pray to God (I guess I do believe in Him, huh?) that I never am!

ever dated anyone who's in your friends list/links = Yes but only one. And we're still dating.

kissed anyone on your friends list/links = Yes. How could I not kiss him? We're dating for crying out loud!!

ever considered dating anyone else on your friends list/links = Someone's not paying attention! I'M DATING COLLIN!! He's first on my links list!!!

ever been in a fist fight = Shockingly, no. A lot of pushing fights and screaming matches, though.

you have a crush on someone = Yes. See the top of my links list!!

are you scared of = Clowns that want to eat people, spiders that want to lay eggs in me and bees that want to sting me.

what are you like in relationships = Yikes!! I'd like to think I'm cool and sweet and fun! {crossing my fingers}

you wish you could live somewhere else = Yeah, a house with a library! I need room for all my books!!

others find you attractive = I know one person does and that's all that matters!

you smoke = eeyeew. It stinks! No way! I went to lunch with a friend who smokes the other day & I smelled it the rest of the night! I had some pineapple body spray in my locker (I was at work) and then I just smelled like barbecued pineapple! Bleck!

you like roller coasters = I've only been on one and that was about 20 years ago. I think I liked it. I survived so it couldn't have been all that bad!

you write in cursive or print = Depends. Usually cursive but sometimes I get tired and just print.

for or against....
long distance relationships = I...don't...know...

using someone = That's not nice.

suicide = Coward's way out.

killing people = I'm not sure I could...that would depend on the circumstances, though. Kill or be killed...or if someone was threatening someone I loved...

doing drugs = drugs make you stupid.

premarital sex = My MOTHER reads this! I'm not talking about that!

Well, that was fun! Don't forget to take the quizzes down below!

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