Thursday, April 07, 2005

I Did That

We have a maintenence guy at work named Vern. He's considered the #1 guy there because he really knows his stuff. If you want something fixed fast and right, you call him. I hesitate to page him, though, because he mumbles and I have a hard time understanding him. When Christina worked with me, she would tell me that when he'd come to fix her machine and he would ask her something, her stock answer was always, "I did that" because she had no idea what he was saying. Sometimes he would nod and walk away, other times he would give her an odd look.

Last week, we went through a lay-off and 3 of our maint guys (including the one I called my back-up) were cut from our crew. I was talking to Nancy, one of my co-workers, about how now I would be forced to call Vern if Fred (MY #1 maint guy) was ever unavailable. I told her how Vern mumbled and about how Christina always just told him, "I did that."

The very next night I was on my way to lunch and Nancy stopped me, laughing hysterically. "Heather, Heather, you'll never guess what! I was running corr and Vern came over and asked me something...I understood the first three words but then it trailed off into mumbles so I just said, 'I did that.' Apparently it was what he wanted to hear cuz he nodded and walked away!"

I loved it!! I emailed Christina immediately to let her know of the legacy she's left behind!

It's shaping up already to be a very blah day. Hopefully things will perk up! And I hope you all have a great's Collin's Friday so that should make HIM happy. Well, it makes me happy, too...and I'm blathering so....

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