Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm Dreaming Of A White Springtime

It snowed Sunday. Not just a pretty, sparkling Springtime snow... a full-fledged, wet, heavy, 60 mile-an-hour-gust BLIZZARD! We haven't had an actual blizzard like that in about 7 years. The last time we had one was the day I went to Atmel to take the test to see if I was eligible to be hired. They shut the plant down while I was there. They haven't closed it for snow since!

Anyway, back to Sunday. They started issuing blizzard warnings Saturday and by the time I woke up Sunday at noon, it was a mess! I was hoping that Atmel would close and I would get an extra day off. No such luck. Atmel is in the southern part of the city which was getting the hit by the weakest part of the storm. I was in the eastern part which was getting hit pretty good! The wind was howling, the drifts were piling up... Collin & I walked to 7-11 and the drifts were past my knees. I decided I wasn't going in, with a little cajoling from the boyfriend.

"Your Mom would agree with me," he told me. "She wouldn't want you out in this!" I figured he was right and I called in. My supervisor was very cool about it and said he understood. After I talked to him, I called Mom to make sure she made it home from work okay. (Mom has a very strong work ethic. Takes more than a blizzard to keep her away!) She had made it fine; her store is on the south side of town as well and the roads were fine for her trip. I told her I wasn't going into work because it was so nasty where I was and she said, "Do you want me to come & get you? I'll take you to work." Once a manager, always a manager!!

The guilt ate at me for about three hours until I looked out the window and saw how bad the storm still was. The streets were covered in water from the heavy snow and the expected low was 20 degrees. Knowing that the roads would be sheer ice at 7am when I would have been coming home & not having a working cell phone at the time made my guilt evaporate. I snuggled up on the couch with Collin and finished watching the first season of 24 and got into the 2nd.

By Monday night at 8pm when I went on my first break at work, you couldn't even tell we had had a blizzard. Colorado weather is so weird. It's only predictable in it's unpredictability!


Bonus: Saturday night, we were at Mom's playing games. During a lull between turns, she started to tell me about a dream she had had the night before.

"I had a dream that I had a new baby. He was a fully-formed human being but he was only this tall... (she put her fingers apart about 3 inches)... boy, was he hard to dress!"

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