Friday, April 22, 2005

Last Day!

Since it's the last day, I'm adding a couple of extra bonus questions in! I'll keep the quizzes open until tomorrow then I'll tally the points and post the answers & the winner! Thanks for playing! Hope you had fun!!

1. What artist or group has had a cover of Badfinger's classic "Without You?"
a) Harry Nilsson
b) Heart
c) Mariah Carey
d) All of the above
e) A & C only

2. What NFL star had a cameo in There's Something About Mary?
a) John Elway
b) Brett Favre
c) Steve Young
d) Peyton Manning

3. Who shot Mr. Burns?
a) Smithers
b) Homer
c) Marge
d) Maggie

4. Which author introduced the character Lucky Santangelo?
a) Mario Puzo
b) Jackie Collins
c) Tom Clancy
d) Heather Graham

5. Who scored the first goal for the Colorado Avalanche?
a) Claude Lemieux
b) Valeri Kamensky
c) Uwe Krupp
d) Joe Sakic

6. Who caught the touchdown pass thrown by John Elway at the end of The Drive?
a) Vance Johnson
b) Ricky Nattiel
c) Mark Jackson
d) Clarence Kay

7. What Bronco caused The Fumble a year later against the Browns? Bonus point if you can tell me who got the credit on the radio call. Once again, no choices for the bonus question.
a) Tony Lilly
b) Dennis Smith
c) K.C. Clark
d) Jeremiah Castille

Good luck!!

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