Monday, April 04, 2005

The Power Of Lemon Chicken

I was craving Chinese food something awful the other night at work. Luckily, there's a wonderful Chinese restaurant just up the road from here - New Panda. So I called up and ordered me some dinner: lemon chicken, for those who are curious. I've been eating there for about 6 years; it's close to work, the food is excellent and the service has always been good. There's only one waitress and she's really sweet and remembers what I order. At one point, Christina & I went there so often that she would see us walking through the parking lot and have our drinks ready for us when we walked in.

There's a girl that works in the back, though, that's not as sweet. I think she may have Tourette's... at least I hope she does. That's the only explanation I can come up with unless she's flat out crazy. Either way, I've noticed she's never allowed up front. I can't count how many times I've been sitting there and suddenly an obscenity to make a sailor blush will come floating from the kitchen. And this girl's not quiet! Sometimes she just flat out screams bloody murder! The last time, she did this while Collin & I were ordering and she scared me so much I actually jumped. Our sweet little waitress apologized and looked so embarrassed.

So! Groundwork laid, on to the story!

I got to the restaurant and as I'm walking up to the doors, I see this guy that works there crouching behind the counter as if he's hiding from me. I thought to myself, "You better get up, boy, cuz I'm coming for my food!" But he didn't get up. He continued to squat there behind the cash register, his back against the wall. Finally this older woman came out from the kitchen and I told her I was here to pick up my order. She turned around and said, "Take out for Heather!" And Tourette Girl flipped her off and yelled, "F*@! you, I know!" Whoa.

So the lady comes back with my food, hands me the bag and I hand her my money. She had to STEP OVER the guy on the floor to get to the register! He never moved! I'm thinking that maybe he's on break but come on! There's better ways to spend your break then squatting on the floor! Sit in a booth, eat some rice, something!

I realized as I left that I must really like their yummy food to keep going back to that crazy place! But the lemon chicken was perfection so I forgive them for being wacko!

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