Thursday, April 21, 2005

Quiz Mania

I was going to post the answers to yesterday's quiz today but decided to keep it open for others who just might want to try their hand at it. (*coughDerekcough*)

Here's today's questions. We're back to 5.

1. Danny Elfman, who does music for The Simpsons, belongs to what 80's band?
a) Scritti Politti
b) Johnny Hates Jazz
c) When In Rome
d) Oingo Boingo

2. Who played rock star Johnny Squares in the Dirty Harry movie, "The Dead Pool?" Bonus point if you can tell me the hair band that had an appearace in the funeral scene. ( no choices on the bonus question. You just have to know it!)
a) Jim Carrey
b) Keifer Sutherland
c) Lou Diamond Phillips
d) Sebastian Bach

3. Who played Booker on 21 Jump Street?
a) Johnny Depp
b) Richard Grieco
c) Peter Deluise
d) Holly Robinson

4. What romance writer uses the pen name J.D. Robb to write mysteries?
a) Johanna Lindsey
b) Nora Roberts
c) Jude Deveraux
d) Julie Garwood

5. True or false, MASH actor McLean Stevenson is the nephew of politician Adlai Stevenson.

Good luck, have fun!!

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