Saturday, April 23, 2005

Time's Up!

It's time to reveal the answers & the winners!!

Wednesday's answers:

1) Apple was The Beatles record label. The Iveys (who were later Badfinger) were the first group signed.

2)Grand Funk Railroad did a cover of "Locomotion."

3) All About Eve

4) Gwen & Gavin

5) Catherine Back played Daisy Duke in The Dukes Of Hazard

6) The Gellar Cup was made from a Troll doll

7) Magrat became Queen of Lancre

8) Mary Higgins Clark held all three positions

9) Lady Jane Grey

10) Little Cabbage

Thursday's Answers:

1) Oingo Boingo

2) Jim Carrey. Guns N Roses was the band who made the cameo.

3) Richard Grieco

4) Nora Roberts

5) True

Friday's Answers:

1) All of the above

2) Brett Favre

3) Maggie

4) Jackie Collins

5) Valeri Kamensky

6) Mark Jackson

7) Jeremiah Castille. Tony Lilly got the credit on the radio call.

The points break down like this:

Jenn - 1 (for playing)
Justin C - 5
Leesa - 9
Andy K - 12
Collin - 13 1/2

So congratulatins to Collin!! See what happens when you play every day? :) Thanks to all who played. A big raspberry award to my brother who NEVER played. Except the first day & gave all silly answers! :P

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