Monday, May 09, 2005

Hey! Where Did My Protocol Go?!?!?

Last night at work, we had a buddy trainer class. They've recently gotten a new supervisor in the training department & he's totally revamping things; we ended up with 2 new people in charge of our training. The original 2, Debi & Inge, were good. I liked them both, even if dealing with Debi's audits made me physically ill 2 hours beforehand. Debi was demoted but stayed with training while Inge is now an operator on our shift. The new 2 I will call Barbie and Wilson. Barbie because she looks like a Barbie Doll and Wilson because this guy should have been a Beach Boy!!

Anyway, they're both nice enough people but they don't know our area like Debi & Inge did. They're from the fab which is a whole different world. We're a lot more relaxed over here, we wear a smock rather than the whole bunny suit get-up, we get to read while we work and we can take breaks whenever we want. I don't think Fab people know what to make of us Asic Test people.

Last week, we had a PAT Team meeting for Buddy Trainers (these new people are very action-oriented). Our supervisor asked all 5 of us Buddy Trainers to go so Asic would get good representation. So we all went. The meeting was held in Fab 5 (about as far away from our area as you could get) and by the time we got there, all the seats at the table had been taken by Fabbers. We all sat in chairs against the wall so that Barbie's back was to us.

Wilson pretty much did all the talking and after discussing something about general protocol, Barbie turned to us & said, "Do you guys have protocol over in Asic?" We all just stared at her & finally Prescilla said, "Yes." Barbie replied with, "I don't know your area so I'm just asking." The more I thought about that, the more annoyed I got. Why wouldn't we have protocol? We work for the same company!! Then about 15 minutes later, she turns to me and asks, "Do you have wafer handling protocol over there, as well?" I had to bite my tongue so that all I said was "Yes." What I wanted to say was:

"No! We have no rules!! We're savages!! We touch wafers with our bare hands, sometimes we even lick them! We put the wafer wands on our faces and smear the grease from our make-up & body oils all over the wafers!! We hang from the ceiling in loin cloths grunting in an unintelligible language!!" I mean, come on!! Seriously, we all work for the same company!! Why would we have different protocol than the rest of the place?

Tonight's class wasn't so bad. They did force me to get up in front of everybody for an exercise with 3 other Buddy Trainer's which was not cool. I hate being the center of attention in atmospheres like that when I only know 2 other people! Then they took our picture to post on the Buddy Training section of the company's website. I'll give it a couple days and if it's an okay picture of me, I'll link to it so y'all can see it. If the picture sucks then no linky!

We took a personality quiz in the class tonight which told me that I'm an introvert (duh!). The quiz told me that I'm a "Protector" and an "Architect." That was the only part of the class that I liked!

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