Thursday, May 26, 2005

Home Sweet Home

It's time once again for a Phun Phat Photoblog! Yaaaay! Today we'll be touring my humble abode. Keep hands and feet inside the car at all times and don't forget to tip your guide! Here we gooooo...

So this is the view from the front door. My bathroom. Why would you design an apartment like this?? I think it's weird. Hence the pretty shower curtain, a housewarming present from Mom & Dad. It was either that or keep the door shut! Oh, and check out the great doormat - farm animals!! Whoo!

So this is my bed. Like the GIR pillowcase? Collin bought that for me! And then there's the bed crew, making it look cheery. The Kaa I got at Collin's Aunt's flea market for $3!! I love him - I use him to block the sun from eyes when I'm sleeping. The pink monkey is Poppy, the dog is Grace Ella and then there's Bunny - he's related to Derek's Peanut Bee.

Living room shot #1. My renaissance art...the painting above the fireplace (The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton) is my favorite painting ever! The one on the left is also by Leighton. You can also see a small part of my CD collection. I counted them once...I think it was over 2,000. Or maybe it was 1,200. Either way - there's a bunch!

Living room shot #2. The TV, etc. You can see The Manchurian Candidate DVD waiting to be watched. It was pretty good. The three pictures on the wall to the right I will post at some's the Me & Famous Men Wall! :)

Living room shot #3. My computer screen looks dirty but that's really just the screen's a bunch of sparkly flying dots. The picture above the desk is an Egyptian collage that Mom bought me a couple years ago. To the right under the clock is a certifcate that I have saying that I have a doctorate in Classic Rock with a major in Badfinger. Hell, yeah!!

Living room shot #4. More of my CD collection. And my awesome Black Cat picture. I didn't get any shots of the dining room or the would just be more CD's and...a kitchen.

And here we have the now hard-to-find Darth Tater. How cute is he??? He was a gift from Collin. He's sitting on the window between the living room & the kitchen, defending my place! But now for the Coup de Grace:

It's Pudding!! I love this mouse! My favorite childhood toy! He used to be covered in fur but I wore it all off. I have him sitting on the nightstand by the bed.
So there you have it - my home. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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