Monday, May 23, 2005

A Photo-Blog for your Monday

For your Monday pleasure I present my 2nd ever photo blog! Enjoy!!

This is me & my friend Rhonda. This was taken in the photo booth at Torchlite Skate Center for my birthday party in 1982. I don't even remember having a Torchlite Skate Center - thank God I write on the backs of pictures!! I look so thrilled, yeah?

This is Rhonda & I again, this time at Derek's 6th birthday party. Notice the Popeye gumball machine! I'm wearing my Mork & Mindy shirt which I was thrilled with! I got it from the Sears catalogue. Not sure what's up with my face!!

Once again, Rhonda & myself making weird faces. Aparently that's the weirdest face I could think of to make. That's in my room...1984...I was 13. All my posters of Thomas Howell, Wham!, Duran Duran...pretty girly-cool, huh?

That's me with the headphones on. It's my last day on the air at KEPC, the college radio station I was on. This was 1990. The guy with his mouth wide open is Christopher Schodorf, the guy from England I mentioned a few posts ago whom I was madly in love with and he got me a yo-yo for Christmas! Pbbt! The guy behind me is Perry - we dated kinda...very cute guy! And then there's Glenda. She was weird. Vicki took this picture right as I flipped the mic on and she knocked the station license down and broke the frame. And it all went over the air! I think I handled it professionally. I hope I did!

This is yours truly at Fargo's in that stinking Victorian dress. My skirt weighed a ton! And we had to keep our hair back which I was no good at. I cut my hair short later so I wouldn't have to deal with putting it up all the time!

Last but not least....this was a joint birthday party for my Grandma Knight (My dad's mom) and myself. I'm not sure what transpired before this picture was snapped but look at the looks on the faces of Grandma and my cousin Mandy. My best bud Troy, in between them, is totally oblivious to whatever just happened, although Heather & Derek in the background are looking just as shocked at Grandma. I'm wondering if Mandy said something odd...

So there you have it! Another photo blog under my belt! Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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