Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Play It Again, Sam

Every day before work, I walk around Quail Lake with Prescilla, a lady I work with. Lately, we've noticed a lot of people with dogs. All kinds of dogs... huskies, labs, retrievers, spaniels, pugs, dobermans & corgis. We started talking yesterday about what kind of dog we wanted most. Prescilla wants a cocker spaniel. I want either a husky, a german shepherd, a corgi or an english sheepdog. But not just any english sheepdog, thank you very much. He would have to be just like Sam.

When Mom's youngest brother Ray married his wife, Mary Beth, she had an english sheepdog named Sam. He was the best! He caught Frisbees in his mouth, played tug... was just an all around cool dog! One year, Ray & MB went to Detroit and we dog-sat Sam. Mom & I thought maybe it was because I wore a white cardigan sweater like MB had, but for whatever reason, Sam latched on to me. He followed me everywhere and even slept on my bed with me. He was a big dog and he would jump up on the bed, lay spread out on his side facing me and fall asleep, panting doggy breath in my face. I didn't mind, though.

One night, I wanted Mom to hear a song. Strangely enough I remember it was "I'll See You In My Dreams" by Giant & to this day, that song reminds me of this anecdote. We went into my room and I sat on the edge of the bed across from the stereo, cueing up the song. Sam jumped up on the bed behind me, followed by Mom. Sam immediately pushed her off. She tried one more time to sit on the bed but Sam was right there, ready to use his head to knock her off. That was MY bed and only me (& my Sam) were allowed on there!!

I miss Sam. He's been gone for a long time now but I'll never forget him. I'm going to look for some pictures of him and I'll post them tomorrow - something for you all to look forward to! :)

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