Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bird Watching

So Wednesday morning I was out doing what I always do - taking a quick jaunt around Quail Lake with Prescilla. It was about 5:30am, the sun was up, the birds were singing, it was promising to be a lovely day. One thing we always see and always look forward to seeing is the Great Blue Heron that hangs out at the lake. He's gorgeous...until I get my own picture of him, this guy will have to suffice:
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And this guy doesn't do MY bird justice. MY heron is regal and cool. His wingspan is amazing, the steel blue of his feathers are gorgeous! So!

We're walking around the east side of the lake on the sidewalk...there's about an inch drop off on my side to the gravel path that winds around Quail Lake. We're walking along and a seagull flies in, doing a belly flop on the lake before settling down and swimming about. I'm watching him and suddenly Prescilla smacks my arm and says, "Here he comes! Look! Look, here comes our bird!!" Sure enough, the heron was gliding in. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he swooped down and landed on a rock at the edge of the lake near where the seagull was. The seagull started flirting with the heron, swimming back & forth in front of him, bobbing her head like, "Ooo, check me out, you big hunk o' bird." I'm so into this display that my foot landed on the very edge of the sidewalk, causing me to lose my balance.

BAM! Down I went! Pretty hard but luckily I only minorly scraped my knee and jolted my elbows. All for this heron...I need to watch where I'm going rather than watch the birds!

But I have decided that I want a pet heron. Is that possible?

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