Monday, June 13, 2005

A Funked Up Thursday...

Last Thursday was just a poopy day, it really was. There were a few highlights like spending the day with Jordyn, seeing Robots for the 2nd time with Jordyn, Shanon & Elena and shopping with Mom & Jordyn but there was something everywhere I went that day that just aggravated the peewaddins outta me! I'll start at the beginning of the day & work my way through it, purging it from my soul!

-Incident #1: Shanon & I are accosted by some high goofbally woman who mistakes us for Dollar Theatre ambassadors while we're waiting for the doors to open so we can see Robots. She's very upset that there are no horror movies playing and only comedies. She must have missed the article in the newspaper that reported that the new dollar theatre was a "family oriented operation."

-Incident #2: 1/4 of my back tooth breaks off while eating popcorn during the movie.

-Incident #3: Go to my parents house to get my Mom so she can go shopping and find out that Dad is going blind due to his diabetes & that later this month he's having surgery on his leg so that he won't lose it later on down the road. GAAH!

-Incident #4: Go to Target and find the new Def Leppard CD, "Rock Of Ages - The Definitive Collection" which includes a cover of Badfinger's "No Matter What." Being a HUGE Badfinger & Def Leppard fan, this is sure to be sheer bliss for me. Get home and discover that the flighty checker DID NOT include the CD in my bag but she did remember to charge me for it. I have to go all the way back to get it.

-Incident #5: Before leaving for Target, I call Fargos & order 2 large pizzas to be ready at 5pm. Jordyn & I get there at 4:50pm and they haven't even put the pizzas in the oven yet! The hostess smiles and says, "They'll be ready by 5." I wanted to yell, "LIAR!! I worked here for 10 years - I know how long it takes to cook 2 large pizzas and it's not 10 minutes!"

-Incident #6: Go to The Movie Trading Company, my new favorite store. They sell used movies and music very cheap. I bought 12 CD's, including Queensryche's Greatest Hits. I'm very excited about this because my soon-to-be ex stole my "Operation Mindcrime" & "Empire" CD's so at least with the Greatest Hits CD, I'll have most of what I liked on those two (with the exception of "Another Rainy Night" but I'm babbling now). So! I open up the CD as we're 2 minutes from home and guess what's inside? Not Queensryche... Metallica's "Load." *sigh* This store is the next to last store in the city - not joking... it's them then Wal-Mart and then I-25 to take you to Denver. Needless to say, I was not happy about having to go all the way back up there the next day to exchange it, but I did.

See? It was just not a great day. But I survived and the rest of the week seems to be (knock on wood & point like Fred) shaping up quite nicely!

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