Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Here's A Tip

I know I promised you a great post today but it's going to have to be put off until tomorrow. I'm sorry... it's a photo blog and for that I have to be at Collin's not stuck here at work. So, in it's place, I present to you an angst-filled rant against waitresses. Enjoy!

Prescilla & I were taking our customary midnight walk on our break last night and somehow we got on the subject of bad waitresses. We've all had our share of them... I'll fill you in on a couple of mine.

The first happened about 8 years ago at The Polo Club inside the Embassy Suites Hotel. I was there for karaoke with my then-husband and my friend Troy. The waitress we had (I wish wish WISH that I could remember her name so I could tell everybody who she was!) had always been bad - always snotty with us, ignoring us when our glasses or beer bottles were empty. One particular night she took my order for another soda and we never saw her again. Troy ended up going to the bar & paying for my soda there. But when She brought the bill, there was the second soda! When I told her that I never got that soda, she tried to argue with me. I had had enough and told her she was, by far, the worst waitress I had ever had. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "I spend my time on people who are worth my time." Everyone at the table gasped, watching me for my reaction. I merely asked for the manager who seemed aghast at what she had said and we ended up getting our tab comped. She was there the next week we went and she was very subdued. After that we never saw her again.

The second instance I will tell you about was 10 years ago in Denver. I had gone to see the play Grease with Troy and my then-husband and afterwards we went to Denny's. The hostess sat us and then promptly forgot about us. We watched as people came in after us, got waited on and served. Finally Troy just got up and went into the little waitressing area where they were all gathered and said, "We're ready to order." They told him he couldn't be back there and he fired back with, "We have been sitting here for 20 minutes while people who have come in AFTER us have been waited on. I'm not leaving this area without one of you to take our order!" Go Troy! The waitress that followed him back to our table was surly and seemed annoyed that she actually had to wait on us. She got no tip.

The last one... well... this is about Mom. She & I went to Village Inn one afternoon for lunch. The place was fairly busy and the host that sat us pointed out our waitress and said she'd be right with us. We waited and waited waited.... we watched her go by our table without even a glance in our direction. We watched as she served other tables and then chewed the fat with some biker boys across the room. When she finally got to us, she said, "Here I am. Boy, are you lucky!" Mom asked her what she meant by that. "I'm just saying we're pretty busy so you're lucky I got to you." Mom's eyes narrowed. "I'm LUCKY you got to me?? Your job is to get to me! I watched you stand over there and yap while we sat here ready to order. We never even got a 'I'll be right with you.' I'm NOT lucky you got to me! C'mon, Heather. We're leaving!" The waitress stood there stunned. As we walked out, she whispered to me that she had just been joking. I just shrugged and followed Mom out.

So! There's my waitress horror stories. There's plenty more but I'll keep it down to those! But seriously, tomorrow's post - DEFINITELY worth checking out!! You'll all get a kick out it, I swear!!

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