Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It Only Hurts When It Rains... Or Snows... Or...

When I was 16 & I broke my thumb, the doctor told me that I would have arthritis in it. He was right... now my thumb has become a predictor of the weather. Along with my knees and, most recently, my left ankle. And because of my knees and my ankle, I can tell you that at some point today, my little weather pixie on my sidebar will be holding an umbrella!

I always feel like a little old woman, saying, "My knees hurt... it must be going to rain (or snow, depending on the season.)." When I was working at Fargo's, there was a whole week where my thumb & my knees hurt so bad I was in tears at the end of the day. A whole week of this excruciating pain... and guess what happened at the end of the week? We had one of the biggest blizzards we had had in years! As soon as it started snowing, the pain went away!

It's amazing how your body can tell when a pressure change is occurring. I just wish it would do it with less pain!

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