Friday, June 03, 2005

Monkey Business

Happy Friday! A couple posts back, I did a quiz where I had to answer questions with song titles from one band. I picked Skid Row, one of my favorite bands. Then I remembered that I had yet to post my pics from my encounter with the band so here they are for your Friday enjoyment! In case you haven't read my original post on how I met Skid Row (or just don't feel like following the link), this took place in August of 2002 at the Colorado State Fair. They were part of The Rock Never Stops Tour with Jackyl, Vince Neil & Tesla.

Here we have yours truly with one half of Skid Row's guuitar tandem, Scotti Hill. He was incredibly nice...talked to Christina & I for a long time about his website and his plans for it & the band. That's their tour bus that we're standing in front of. The security guard decided that Christina & I posed no threat and let us just waltz right up to their bus. The boys didn't seem to mind! Oh, yeah, check out my Josie & The Pussycat ears!! I love those things! When I met the lead singer, Johnny Solinger (whom I sadly didn't get a picture with), he was impressed by my ears. Said he loved it when the girls got "dressed up" for shows!

Me & Phil Varone, the now ex-drummer. He was their thrid basher, originally with the band Saigon Kick when hair metal was at it's height back in the day. He left a while back because he was told by a doctor that he would most definitely die if he stayed on tour with them - too much alcohol! It's a shame, I really like Phil! Isn't he cool, though? Those tattoos, the glasses...he was really nice, too! Just yanked me right in next to him for the picture!

Rachel Bolan, the bassist. I adore him!! He was amazing when we met him - he's Christina's favorite and she had made a scrapbook of him that she brought to show him. He took the time to look through the whole book and comment on each picture that she had pasted in there. He pointed out the very first pic of him to ever be in a magazine & when he came across a picture of him in a fuzzy, Russian-looking hat, exclaimed, "I lost that fucking hat! Can you believe that? I think someone stole it - I loved that hat!"

And my and Dave "Snake" Sabo, the other guitarist. He was so cool that night! His birthday was coming up so I got him a card (that's the green envelope he's holding). After the show, when we were standing in line for the meet & greet, he caught sight of me and waved and smiled, causing everyone to look at me with curiousity - it was awesome!! Then he signed the stuffed snake I had won that afternoon playing a dart game (he wrote "Fuckin' Right! Snake 2002" across the snake's neck!), signed my 8x10 photo of the band ("Heather, thanks for the birthday card! Snake." He remembered my name! He wrote it out without asking for it! Very impressive!!) and gave me a kiss!!

So there you have my Skid Row adventure! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend I hope I'm forgiven for yesterday's post!

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