Friday, June 24, 2005

Parts Of A Lifetime

I'm back into Thief Mode...snagged this from Restless Angel.

10 years ago... I was 3 months away from getting married.

5 years ago... I saw Skid Row in concert for the first time & it rekindled my love of their music.

1 year ago... I was leaving my husband. I also started my blog.

Yesterday... I hung out with Squatchy - we were babysitters for Dad who had just had surgery & needed a responsible adult to be with him. He told everybody that together we equaled one.

Today... I saw Land Of The Dead. It was actually pretty good.

Tomorrow... Is going to be a fun-filled night of work! We get to have a BBQ in appreciation for all the work we've done AND we were just told we get to have music on the floor again! Thank God!

5 snacks I enjoy... Popcorn, Twizzlers (makes my mouth happy), Skittles, Cheetos & pistachios.

5 songs I know all the words to... #1 (Nelly), Edge Of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks), Fading Like A Flower (Roxette), I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), Fever (Peggy Lee).

5 things I would do with $100,000,000...Pay off Mom & Dad's & Derek's houses, buy us a house, pay off my car, buy Collin a car WITH A RADIO/CD PLAYER!! off all my bills.

5 locations I would love to run away to...Egypt, England, Sweden, Scotland, Australia.

5 bad habits I have... cracking my knuckles, writing in the air with my fingers, singing out loud, cracking my knuckles and....cracking my knuckles.

5 things I like doing... Reading, writing, listening to music, being with Collin, making CD's.

5 things I would never wear... hot pants, beret, tube top, plaid pants, a big necklace with my initial hanging from it that's bigger than my head.

5 t.v. shows I like... CSI, Friends, Simpsons, Family Guy, Without A Trace.

5 movies I like... Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom, The Little Mermaid, Titanic, Goonies, Usual Suspects.

5 famous people I'd like to meet... Gwen Stefani, Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken, Nicole Kidman.

5 biggest joys of the moment... Collin, having music back at work, having my family close by, the trip to Nederland & Estes Park, my blue heron.

5 favorite toys... Collin's computer, my CD burner, my walkman, any book, Pudding Mouse.

5 people to tag... How about take it if you want it, because I'm not going to tag anyone.

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