Tuesday, June 14, 2005

We All Float Down Here

A while back, Redneck Diva posted 100 things about herself. One of those things was a fear of walking over grated gutters because of the movie/book "It." I, too, have that fear because of that book/movie.

So last night, Prescilla & I went on our midnight walk around the neighborhood. Towards the end, we passed a gutter with rushing water and it made me think of Redneck Diva's story. I began sharing it with Prescilla and come to find out, she had never seen the movie nor read the book. I started to fill her in on the basic plot & mentioned the little boy who disappears in the beginning after seeing Pennywise in the gutter.

As I'm telling her this, we passed a house with a tall wooden fence. We could hear scratching & scrabbling coming from behind the fence and Prescilla said, "Something's there!" All I could see was something black holding onto the top of the fence. I thought it was the gloved hand of someone climbing over!

In situations like this, my mind starts flinging thoughts about willy-nilly. Of course my first thought was "Pennywise!" Then I thought it was a burglar, climbing over the fence. He would kill us for seeing him, surely! But Prescilla, always thinking, trained her flashlight on the fence. Lo & behold, there were 6 pairs of eyes staring back at us.

On top of the fence were three baby raccoons. When the light hit them, they all hunkered down and stared at us. Suddenly, a fourth popped up from behind his brothers to see why they stopped. He saw us and cocked his head before ducking down again. They were so cute!!!! And much more relieving than anything I had thought could have been causing the noise!

We stared at each other for a couple minutes before we went on our way. Prescilla admitted that her skin was crawling when we first heard the scratching because of my Pennywise story! I'm just glad the momma raccoon wasn't there to get mad at us!

That's when I need a digital camera so I can capture these moments and then everyone could have seen these little guys!

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