Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wonderful Wednesday

Ahhh! It's my weekend once again. I love these weeks where I only work 2 days! I've decided to try something new... a wildlife counter. Since I'm always seeing different animals around work on my walks, I thought I'd keep track. Tonight I didn't see any (although I'm expecting to see the heron on the 5:30am walk.) so I thought I'd start with what I saw yesterday:

1 baby raccoon
1 baby squirrel
1 black cat
1 great blue heron
6 partridges
10 ducks (1 mama & approx. 9 babies)

The baby raccoon scared me AGAIN!! Last week he & his brothers showed up on that fence after I was talking about Pennywise, remember? Well this time, the little bugger popped his head out of the gutter drain in the sidewalk like he was imitating Pennywise! That little raccoon is lucky he's so cute...

The baby squirrel was begging me for peanuts... all I had on me was some Harvest Cheddar SunChips but the picky thing refused that and went scrounging for peanuts instead.


Dad had his artery-clearing surgery yesterday and appears to be doing well... hopefully he'll be out of the hospital today!


We had one hell of a storm here yesterday afternoon - flash floods, so much hail it looked like it snowed. I live on a hill and there was so much water & hail mixed together flowing down to the street that it looked like a giant shower drain! The apartment people attached big black hoses to the gutter drains to get the water to the grass, right? Well the hail was piling up so fast that it blocked the hose in front of my deck... I was sitting there watching it... suddenly the hose popped and there were about 5 jets of water fountaining up from the pressure inside! It was crazy! The lightning was so close that when it flashed it was bright pink. And it's only June... I hope that doesn't mean we're in for a flood-filled summer. Last year's three floods were enough!!


My friend Shanon was picked to serve on a jury yesterday. She's not thrilled... but at least the case looks to be interesting: attempted murder! When I was on jury duty a few years back, it was for perjury. Talk about BOOORRRING!! I hope Shanon has more fun than I did... maybe she'll be picked to be jury foreperson! Oooo!!


That's all the fun I have for you today, boys & girls. Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!

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