Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Love Matted Spam!! But I hate Todd Bertuzzi!!

I was driving to work the other day and ended up behind a truck bearing a bumper sticker that read "I {Heart} Spam." I got to thinking that if I were ever to run across that truck parked somewhere, I would whip out my trusty Sharpie and scribble in the word "Matted" over "Spam." THEN I thought maybe I should talk to my Collin about making me an "I {Heart} Matted Spam" sticker somewhat similar to the real thing. Hmmm... would anyone else want one, though, that's the question.

In other news... there's not much I can say about the NHL reinstating Todd Bertuzzi that Derek & Pat Angelo haven't already said. Except this (bear with me... you might think I'm rambling but I really have a point here.):

Yesterday afternoon I had a dream that I was at work talking to a woman that looked remarkably like Marion Ross (the lady who played Mrs. C. on Happy Days). She had come over to my area from the fab because they had shut down for 2 weeks and she didn't want to take the time off. Her two weeks in our area had ended and she was complaining while I walked outside with her that she didn't want to go back to the fab.

As we were walking, I noticed my ex-brother-in-law who passed away in December coming towards us with a determined look in his eyes. I was immediately terrified - he was dead, what was he doing here? As she mentioned, "I really hate the fab," the late Tubby reached out & removed her soul through a caress of her arm (ala Dead Like Me)! I knew this woman was going to die violently & horribly and I ran away in fright, thinking "He's a reaper! Oh my God, he's a reaper!"

When I woke up, completely freaked out, I wondered if anyone famous had died (since the woman in my dream was famous). I asked Collin that night at dinner if anyone had. The only one he knew of was Peter Jennings. Then he said, "Oh, what's the name of that hockey player who was suspended for hitting that Av player?"
"Todd Bertuzzi?"

"Yeah... they reinstated him today." After I got through ranting & raving about the injustice of it all (including an original thought of my own: If it had been a big star like Sakic or Forsberg that had his neck broken instead of a rookie 4th liner, would the suspension have been longer & more severe?), I told Collin, "You know, I thought you were gonna tell me that Bertuzzi died and I was like, 'YAY!'."

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