Thursday, August 18, 2005

In The Pink

Years ago when Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale broke up and she colored her hair pink because of it, I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I wanted pink hair, too, but not ALL pink like Gwen had it...I just wanted the bottom three inches pink against my blonde. My hair was pretty long then and I got my 10-year-younger cousin to color it for me. It looked awesome - it was just the right amount of odd that I could deal with. It was perfect.

Then it started to fade. I asked Crystal (my cousin) to redo the pink but this time add a couple thin streaks from the top leading into the fringe at the bottom. Easy enough but to Crystal, two thin streaks meant glob the color on your hand and splop (yes, that's a word. Mine, but still...) it on my hair. The "streaks" ended up being as wide as my pink fringe was tall. I gave up and said, "Just do the whole thing pink."

So she did. And here's the end result.

This was 5 years ago. It was about 4 months before Derek & Heather's wedding. One of Heather's bridesmaids had dropped out and they wanted me to fill in. But of course, the pink hair had to go. I figured I'd dye it a couple weeks before the wedding. No big deal.

My parents hated it, of course, and the next day I went shopping in Castle Rock with Christina. EVERYBODY either stared or said something and being as shy as I am, I couldn't deal with it. The next day I went to KMart and bought the darkest brown they had and covered it up. I did a shitty job and a lady at work asked me if I did my hair with grape Kool-Aid. For the next 3 1/2 months, my hair was so yucky! And then I had it dyed copper blonde for the wedding. In all of their wedding pictures I have this dark red hair with bleach blonde streaks. It looks good but I'm not supposed to have dark hair...I'm too pale.

I finally got my hair back to it's normal color of blonde. A couple time since I've added pink streaks but I never went all the way pink again. Maybe sometime in the future since Collin really liked it pink.


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