Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Little Bit Of Everything

Much like Derek last week, there's a lot going on but not enough to make into a full-length post so here's a bunch of little things!


Last week I picked up a CD by a Broadway star named Kristin Chenoweth. It's a couple years old & titled "Let Yourself Go." I grabbed it on a whim from the library because I'd heard she was a phenomenal talent & let me tell you... that doesn't even begin to describe it. Her voice is crazy-amazing, the songs are wonderful... definitely one to buy! I've worn it out already in a week! If you like Broadway tunes and swing music, check this out if you haven't already - pay special attention to track #2, "If You Hadn't But You Did"... this is my new favorite song to sing along with in the car!


What is up with Showtime canceling Dead Like Me???? Collin posted about this yesterday but I had to mention it. My favorite show... no more George, no more Mason (and that's a big tragedy, seriously!!!), no more Happy Time & Delores Herbig and "her big brown eyes." YARGH! It's just not right!


Collin also mentioned that we saw The Devil's Rejects this past weekend, the new Rob Zombie movie. It was extremely icky in parts but I was very entertained. And I loved Sheri Moon Zombie's hair!! I would kill for hair like that! And isn't that a great name? Sheri Moon Zombie! I love it - If I were married to Rob Zombie, I would take the Zombie name instead of his real name of Cummings... much more cool! Maybe I could talk Collin into changing his last name to Zombie... after all, he does LOOOOVE his zombies. :-)


I made it to the final table at Derek's Poker Night. I did much better this time but I was put out of the game by the guy I beat last year to win first place. Talk about revenge!! I happily retired to the Loser's Lounge (a.k.a. Derek's den) and sang karaoke with the rest of the losers. Congrats to Jason for winning the big pot, though!


I guess that's enough to keep you occupied for now! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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