Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pray For Me, I Drive Circle*

Circle Drive is my main drag. I take it to & from work and 90% of the time if I'm going farther than my parents house, I take Circle to wherever I'm going. (I've said Circle so many times now that it doesn't look like a word to me anymore.)

Sunday morning I was coming home, zipping up Circle between Fountain & Airport (for those of you that know your way around the Springs, you can picture where I'm talking about.) and in front of the Carneceria & the Queen Bee'n Mexican Restaurant was a car in the turn lane with his flashers on. He was poking along, obviously having car problems. I was about 20 feet away from him when he suddenly jerked his car into my lane. I was going 45 and my maintenance man Fred was in the lane next to me, going just as fast, blocking me from making a quick lane change. I had no choice but to slam on my brakes and wait until Fred and the three other cars got past me before I could get around him. I want to know why he suddenly jerked out in front of traffic like that if his car was dead. I had thought at first that he had got it going but no. He just sat in my lane with his flashers going. Why not pull into the parking lot of the restaurant - he was in the turn lane already!!

Monday morning I was in the SAME PLACE on Circle Drive going about 50 (yes, this is speeding - the limit there is 35 but I was going with the flow of traffic)...there was an SUV in front of me and he suddenly swerved into the center turn lane. All of a sudden there was a car IN MY LANE with it's flashers going just sitting there. I barely made the swerve into the center turn lane in time. My heart was was so close! And to have that happen 2 days in a row in the same place!

Tuesday morning I was coming up Circle, in the same spot, and I noticed kids waiting for the school bus on the side of the road. I was thinking about how fast summer break had gone by when I was suddenly hit by a flash panic attack. I was actually expecting there to be a stalled car in front of me. Luckily there wasn't and I made it home safely but I thought it odd that I could be conditioned so easily!!

*= Academy Boulevard is actually Colorado Springs' main drag and years and years ago there were bumper stickers out that said, "Pray for me, I drive Academy." Derek & I were riding with Mom one day on Academy and this woman cut her off. She had one of those stickers on her car and Mom, so frustrated, yelled, "That should say 'Pray for me, I drive!'" To this day, I always think of that when someone makes me mad while I'm driving. Thanks, Mom.

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