Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Up In Smoke

I love Subway. For two years that was all I ate while I was on my diet. My fave sandwich is the roast beef on wheat. I used to get the Dijon horseradish sauce on it but a while ago they discontinued it. That seems to be the beginning of my disenchantment with the sub shop. Last night sealed the deal. Sealed it up right tight!

Collin & the kids came to have dinner with me on my break and Justin really wanted to go to Subway. That sounded good to me so I acquiesced and we went to the one just down the hill from work. I've been there so many times and never had any problems. I ordered the old standard: roast beef on wheat with southwestern sauce (in lieu of my much-missed horsey sauce), lettuce & onions. Collin ordered the other three and went to pay. The total came to $27.42! We both thought that was a little high but the girl ringing it up handed him a receipt. Sadly, the total was correct. It was obvious, though, that the prices had gone up. Each sandwich (we got the Meal Deals) was $7.50 and Jordyn's Kids Meal was $3.50! Add on the tax and you get the insane amount that Collin paid. (At 1am I went to IHOP with Prescilla & Ginny - they both had a chicken strip dinner & I had a grilled Rueben sandwich w/ onion rings and our total was the same as Subway! That's just not right!)

While we were lamenting over how much prices had gone up, I started to eat my sandwich. The first two bites tasted like cigarette butts. After that it seemed to be okay until I reached the end of the first half - then the butt taste was back with a vengeance. I set that half aside and bit into the 2nd half. Bleck! More cigarette butts! I don't know what made it taste like that - was the guy that made the sandwich a smoker and the taste transferred from his hands through the protective gloves onto my food? No one else had that taste so it had to be either the sauce or the onions...those were the only things I had that no one else did. Whatever it was, you can bet I won't be having Subway for a long, long time!!

***A side note just for giggles***

These are three names I ran across while working on my genealogy project last night:

-Benjamin Outlaw

I hope the parents didn't name Ben & Arson with hopes to what they'd be when they grew up. As for poor Urethra, I'm thinking that they heard that word one day and when she was born they said, "Hey. Remember that great name we heard a while back? That'd be a right purty name for our little girl." Ick. I'm so lucky I have a nice normal name...even if I am named after a flowering weed.

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