Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back To Work

My weekend went way too fast - 4 days just isn't enough time to get everything done that I need to. My biggest chore was getting Collin a new bed. He really needed one & my friend Shanon had one that she was willing to give him. So she & I loaded up her Suburban and moved & set up the bed. We felt quite manly. It's a great bed - very comfortable. You lay down on it and you never want to get up!

After that my project was to get some genealogical work done. I had promised a co-worker I would look for some info for her plus I had until Friday evening to finish using up my free 2 week trial on Ancestry.com. I wasted 4 hours on searches with the free trial with nothing useful coming up. I was so annoyed I called them up to cancel the trial. The guy that helped me, Calvin, was very polite and friendly but PUSHY! It was as hard getting the cancellation done as it was to cancel AOL!

Calvin: "May I ask why you're cancelling?"

Me: "I just don't have the money this month to continue with the subscription." (After the free trial was up, if I didn't cancel it they would charge my credit card $199.95. I have to pay for my tags this month not to mention various other bills. This was just not the time.)

Calvin: "If it's money you're worried about, we have tons of payment options..." He went into his little spiel which I turned down. Then he starts telling me about a free service where you give them the name & info of the ancestor you're looking for and they search for you then email you the results. What the heck, I thought when he asked me if I had a name for him to search for. I'll give him my grandfather's name...I wasn't able to find squat on him in the whole 2 weeks since his birthplace burned down along with all the records. Maybe they could find something I couldn't. I gave him all the info I had. Then he asked what his middle name was.

Me: "Ellsworth."

Calvin: "Ellsworth! I love that name! I'm a big mountain biker and my favorite bike company is called Ellsworth!" Oookay, Calvin...enough enthusiasm now. My brain is getting tired.

I finally did get it cancelled but it felt like it would never happen. Then I went back to normal online searching and discovered that my 2nd cousin 10 times removed is...drum roll please....President George Washington! And, if that isn't enough, Martha Washington's great granddaughter from her 1st marriage married Confederate general Robert E. Lee! So he's not really a relation but he's in the tree!

Derek's poker night was Saturday and I placed 6th. Not too bad...Dad, the big money winner, put me out. Collin placed third for which I was very proud of him! That morning Collin & I went to the metaphysical celebration at the Phil Long Expo with his Mom & Step-Dad...he bought me a book of Nene Thomas' art. If you're not familiar with her, check her out! She's got some amazing works of art!

And it seems as if my attempt at blog art has failed. No one commented about my cheerleader (well, Collin said she was cute & Derek was just mean) but really...I was going to not post until I got comments on her but...I thought she was cute. Considering Derek got all the artistic talent in the family....

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