Friday, September 23, 2005

Fun Friday Stuff

Happy Friday to everyone! For your weekend pleasure I proudly present a few pics! Enjoy!

We start with a picture of Collin's kids taken by Mom last week on her back patio. She had one picture left on her camera so she snapped this. I think it's the best picture I've seen - Jordyn usually gets the Chandler Syndrome where she suddenly can't smile if there's a camera pointed at her but Justin surprised her by grabbing her.

Next we have the man himself, Collin of F&P fame, before his hair cut. This was also taken by my mother at my cousin's wedding in July. You'll notice the glass of wine in his cousin had arranged for 2 glasses of wine for each guest. We're not big wine drinkers and I felt bad about not drinking mine but luckily a fly landed in mine and I was saved!!

Yesterday morning was spent going through all the hockey team sites, getting caught up on who was playing where...I've decided I'm rooting for Calgary this season - they look more like the Avalanche then the Avs do!! While I was browsing through the Chicago Blackhawk site, I found Eric Daze's new pic. He looks like a total dork! Look at that tongue...and that hair:

So there you go! Enjoy and have a super weekend!

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