Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good & Evil

I was rearranging my bedroom closet yesterday morning and I ran across a couple of things I decided I would share with you all. One is Good. One is Evil. We'll start with the Good.

Here is Rita Kitty. This is my favorite picture of her and I couldn't find it for a long time. Turns out it had fallen out of my box o' pictures and was on the bottom of my closet. She looks very sweet in this shot, something the camera seldom captured. This was right after she adopted us.

Now for the Evil. This is something I had completely forgotten was drawn by my brother well over 10 years ago when Derek & I still lived at home. I was always teased about my rather large nose when I was younger, hence the inspiration for this picture:

"Heado's Future Child" is the theme...just a giant nose with some hands & feet and some eyes. That's my "NO!" below it. I'm still quite sensitive about my nose although I think I've grown into it...I don't get teased as much although one day while Collin & I were playing video games, his son turned towards me suddenly and said, "Wow! Your nose is HUGE!" Yargh. Thanks, Justin. I had a dream right after that about local newspaper columnist Rich Toches mentioned in The Gazette how giant my nose was!! **sigh**

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