Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In Flames

God, I've missed hockey!! I'm so glad it's back. The Avs are playing L.A. tonight but sadly it's not on TV. I was checking hockey scores and saw that the Calgary Flames kicked some serious boo-tay last night, beating the Oilers 5-0!! Wish I could have seen that game! And, if that awesome win wasn't enough, the scorers included 3 ex-Avs - Chris Simon with 2 goals, Shean Donovan and Stephane Yelle who has always been one of my faves! In fact, because I miss him:

I was also tooling around the Avalanche message board last night and found this:

It was the sign off picture (or whatever those are called on message baords) for the user 2004 Avs Cup. I thought it was AWESOME!! Simply awesome. Thank God hockey has returned!! In fact I just signed up through Pat Angello's site to play fantasy hockey! So excited about that. If you want to play, too, go to his place and follow the instructions. C'mon, Collin, you know you want to. :-)


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