Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Put That Away, I'm Eating!!!

I've mentioned before that I'm part of a lunch group; two other ladies here at work & I go to IHOP for our lunch break every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Last week they were fairly busy for 1am and we had to sit by the restrooms. A young lady came in with what appeared to be her boyfriend and made a bee-line for the ladies' room. We had no warning to look away & shield our eyes from the oncoming monstrosity.

She was very tall without the 4 inch spike heels she was wearing. She was also not a small girl. Not grossly overweight by any means but not slim either. She was showing everything in a mini-mini black dress, the skirt of which stopped right under her butt cheeks. The dress had a halter top and no back so we could see her thick black lace bra she wore with it. As she walked by our table, she was tugging at the skirt, trying to get it to cover her legs. I know my brain was scarred from the amount of cellulite that was flashed our way. Ginny, the older of the two other women, leaned across the table towards me and whispered, "Hooker." I was also of the opinion that she would make a great candidate for ValuHo.

Last night we made our trek to IHOP and were sitting at our usual table when here she came again, the same guy in tow. She looked a tinch less sluttish this time but she still appeared like she frequented Nevada Avenue a lot. She was wearing a tight maroon tank top that scooped down low, showing off tattooed boobs, a maroon hoody, tennis shoes and a mini-mini pink and maroon plaid schoolgirl skirt. The skirt, once again, barely covered her butt and this time she was standing by our table talking to the waitress and kept kicking her legs in the air towards her man (who looked like a drunk biker). We were forced to stare at each other so as not to see the show. Honestly! People are in there to eat! Have some decency for Heaven's sake!

I'm wondering what she'll be wearing next week.


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