Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Symphony In Black & White

We had a tough last night of work...we had a surprise layoff in which we lost 2 co-workers. One wasn't that big of a shock but the other was - a lady I really liked got the axe. What was bad was that we were told at the beginning of the night that no one was allowed to go home early and we had little to no work. keep my mind off of the upcoming layoff and to keep myself busy, I grabbed the Nene Thomas book that Collin bought me and I started copying pictures out of it.

Nene Thomas's sister Ann-Juliette has some work in the book as well - pen & ink drawings of her sister's work. Those were what I chose to draw. I drew three full-page pictures and let Collin critique them. He then chose his favorite for display here:

This is called Orchestrals #3: Symphony In Black & White. I love her dress - her lips took me 15 minutes to do where I was happy with them and I'm still not satisfied. There was also supposed to be a thumb on the other side of her body but everytime I attempted to add it in it looked like a piece of bologne so I gave up.

To see the original, click here. Also, if you like her art, buy something from her gallery! I'm definitely going to!!

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