Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In lieu of actual money...

The place I work has started this little contest. When you get your paycheck, if it says "Winner" in the message area, you win a prize. Well, this pay period I was a "Winner." I got my paycheck on Saturday so I had to wait until Monday morning when HR was open to claim my prize. That gave me plenty of time to dream about what it could be:

- A gift card to a nearby restaurant?

- A gift card to Borders?

- Gift certificates to the movies?

-CC Tiger hockey tickets?

- Money???

Monday morning finally arrived and I hurriedly gave my passdown to Iris, the day-shifter that was taking over for me. "Well, I'm off to claim my prize," I told her. "Oh, did you win a prize bag, too?" Come to find out, another guy on the day shift had won and he got a gift bag with a road map & a compass. Um. Yeah. Not what I had in mind. But! I love to get prizes and presents so undeterred I set off for HR. I showed the girl my paycheck and she went to the Prize Closet and pulled out a hot pink gift bag. Yay! Here's what I won:

- 3 mini Tootsie Roll Pops (can't eat cuz of the diet. I'll give them to Jordyn.)

- Leather car interior wipes (I have cloth interior. I'll give them to Dad.)

- A miniature first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic & gauze. (This is good. It fits in my purse and with my propensity towards blisters on my heels, this helps!)

- A patriotic-themed windsock that looks like it came from one of the many Dollar Stores around town. (It's cute, if cheaply made. I hung it in my dining room since my apartment complex frowns on anything being hung from our balconies.)

It sure doesn't replace getting a raise or a share in that million dollar bonus but it was nice to actually win something. They only pick 6 people per pay period and there's thousands of people that work here so - Woo Hoo!


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