Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is It Just Me?

First off, Mom has a new post! Check it out!!

Now, on to my main topic. Last night Collin and I were talking about foods I could and couldn't have on this South Beach Diet. He asked about potatos and I said that I couldn't have them, as much as I enjoyed them, they were taboo.

"I love potatos...heck, I'll even eat them raw. They're really good that way," I said. He ooked out and told me no one eats potatos raw. My family never saw anything weird about it so I assumed everyone did that. Am I wrong? Has anyone else out there eaten and enjoyed raw potatos?

I did a little research and here it says that it is safe to eat them raw. But at Wikipedia I found this:

Potatoes are edible (if not very palitable) raw, but are slightly toxic. A few people do die from eating raw potatoes each year somewhere in the world but this is usually because they have been improperly stored and have started to sprout. It is in the eyes and the sprouting parts that the toxins are concentrated.

So, what do YOU think??


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