Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Part Of Something Great

A few months ago I was surfing the net and came across a site that has virtual gravesites for the famously deceased. It was a message board of sorts with a photo of the headstone and a place for a fan to leave comments, say what they will to the famous person of their choice. Much to my delight, Badfinger's Pete Ham was one of the choices. I wrote my message, chose some virtual roses to leave on his grave and hit send. Then I promptly forgot about it.

And then a couple of weeks ago I was at work and for some reason it popped into my head that I had done that. "Wouldn't it be cool if something came of me leaving that message," I thought. Of course, "something cool" to me was that somehow Pete Ham would see it. But imagine my surprise when the next day I checked my email and found a letter with the subject "PETE HAM." It turned out to be from a man named Morton who was putting together a 3 disc set of Badfinger's best and wanted feedback from fans as to what songs to use. He had found me through the message I had left at Pete's Virtual Grave!

I was only allowed to choose 72 songs and at first I thought I'd never have enough to choose from but I hit the quota sooner than I expected and still had a ton of songs left over. Being the biased little girl I am, I chose mostly Pete Ham penned tunes from the Badfinger albums and Pete's 2 solo cd's. But I tried to be somewhat fair and put a Tommy Evans solo song and 2 solo Joey Molland tunes as well.

I sent off my choices and almost instantly I had a reply from Morton letting me know my picks were posted on his website. When I followed the link he sent me, I noticed that he chose an album cover for each fan that submitted their fave songs. Sweet man, he picked Pete's 7 Park Avenue solo album for my icon! He also led me to a site where you can vote for nominees worthy of being in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Morton had nominated Pete a couple months back and much to my delight, he was leading the pack in votes. Maybe one day my favorite musician will be in HOF of some kind. He sure deserves it!!


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