Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Saddest Breakfast Story Ever Told

Prescilla & I were so jazzed about going to IHOP for break last night that while we were doing our 5:30pm walk before work, we had already discussed and decided what we were having: A Denver omelette with a side of bacon. Mmmmmm.....bacon....We were both going to have the same thing because it sounded so freakin' GOOD!

1am finally rolled around and we took off. We were only 2 last night because Ginny was out sick. We got to IHOP only to find them closed!! For remodeling! *sigh* So much for not only my omelette and bacon but for my weekly report on the IHOP Skank. Sorry to disappoint you. But the dispair doesn't end there, oh, no!

We hightailed it up the road to Denny's, the only other 24 hour sit-down restaurant in the area. We're not big fans of Denny's because everything's greasy and it reeks of smoke but in a pinch it will do. We pull into the lot only to find that they're closed as well for cleaning!! GACK! What do we do???? We're soooo hungry!!

I decided we were going to take a chance and drive 10-15 minutes out of our way to hit the IHOP on Chelton & Platte. I wanted my omelette & bacon, dammit! With the sparse 1am traffic, it didn't take us long to get there. It also didn't take us long to realize that they were closed as well. They closed at midnight! What kind of IHOP closes at midnight for crying out loud???

Okay, one last chance. There's a Perkins on the opposite corner of Platte and I like their food. Plus I was REALLY HUNGRY!! We're sitting at the light waiting to go across when we realize...holy crap!...they're closed for remodeling, too!! It's now clear...the omelette & bacon Gods are against us! "You want to diet? Here's a diet for you - DON'T EAT!!" You know that's what they were saying!!

So I whipped the car into the turn lane and headed back to work. We stopped at a 24 hour King Soopers and Prescilla got a sandwich and I got some turkey and Laughing Cow cheese (which if you haven't tried you need to if you like creamy Swiss cheese - this stuff is mucho yummio!!) and ate our paltry meal in the break room.

Please send bacon. Thank you.


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