Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bonus Photo Thursday

I thought I would share with everyone the pictures I took over Christmas with the new digital camera that Collin bought for me, just like I promised. Sit back, grab your bowl of popcorn and enjoy!!

This is the first picture I took. He's looming because I was sitting down when I took it.

Here we have Collin's kids, Justin & Jordyn. They actually had to be woke up and forced to come out to open presents and see what Santa brought. You can see they're mostly still asleep. Crazy kids - by this time (it was about 7:30am) Derek & I would have already been up for two hours and had everything opened!!

The girl posing with her "big" present, the hamsters. Although you can't really see the fuzzy guys in this shot...

Here's Brando, now known as Otto. This was taken in my bathtub when I still had custody of him. He's the cutest hamster ever! Look at his little paws!! Awww....

And this is Sam, aka Sunshine. So cute...go ahead and squeal at the obnoxious cuteness of him, I don't mind.

This was taken at Mom's house Christmas Day. Jordyn's so happy...I don't know what was wrong with Justin.

Saving the best for last, The Man - Dad!! I like this picture of him, although it looks like he's sitting in a seashell!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas as well and a safe & happy New Year!!

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