Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post Christmas Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you everything on your list! My Christmas was marred by the fact that I had to work both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day but other than that it was good.

My big present was from my Collin - he got me an awesome digital camera!! I'll be posting some of the pics I took with it later in the week. There's a funny one of Collin's son and a couple cute ones of his daughters new hamsters that she got for Christmas. Collin bought the fuzzy guys three weeks ago and they've been staying with me - now that they're happily ensconsed in their new home, I miss them. I had named them Sam & Brando but Jordyn changed their names to Sunshine & Otto. So far I haven't been able to make the transition to those monikers and she's getting annoyed with me.

Mom was very surprised with her gift of a ticket to see Bon Jovi in concert in February. If you saw her blog, you know that she was expecting a giant cardboard stand-up of WWE wrestler The Rock. Thankfully, she wasn't disappointed with Jon Bon Jovi. I ordered the tickets December 8th and they arrived late on the 24th! Talk about stress - I hated the thought that I was gonna have to wrap up a piece of paper saying "Your gift isn't here yet but this is what it will be." Derek printed up a fake ticket just in case that he still gave to her - on one side it looks like a retro ticket for the Bon Jovi show but on the other side is a picture of The Rock saying, "I'm flattered and all but I'm not your present. It's this guy over here." On the right was a scan of Jon Bon Jovi informing Mom that she would be seeing him live in February. I'm hoping he'll post it for everyone to see.

Derek & Heather gave me a gift card to Media Play which is sadly closing their doors next month. My parents also gave Collin a gift card there as well so we hightailed it over there yesterday to get it spent. It was a madhouse - a ton of people and a half-empty store. The book shelves were mostly bare, the music was depleted...but the good thing was everything was 30-50% off so my $40 gift card went a long, long way!! I got a Napster t-shirt, the first Berlin cd that my ex-husband stole from me, the most recent Berlin cd (which is excellent for any Terri Nunn/Berlin fan out there who hasn't heard it yet), Maroon 5's Live cd/dvd and a cool pen that looks like a rose. When the checker rang up the pen, it wouldn't scan. She tried three times and it wouldn't take so she just tossed it in my bag without charging me for it!

Stay tuned for my now-annual What Books I Read This Year post & my first digital camera picture post! :-)


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