Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Rebuttal Of Sorts

A couple weeks ago, give or take a few days, I posted about my hearty dislike of Dan Cochell, the new morning dj on 95.1. While I was writing it, I told Collin, "I wonder if he's the kind of guy to Google himself. That would be funny if he found this post." Apparently, I wasn't that far off the mark. I don't know if he really Googled himself and ended up on my site but find it he did and he also commented. I feel this screams for an answer. Here's his whiny-ass comment:

"Why do you write crap like this? Do you think you would sound better
then me. Have you ever been in a radio station let alone on the air at

Oh wait you all are wanna bee's. You want to be on the air but you
can't get a job on one.

If you dont like what's on the air DONT LISTEN?

If you want to comment. Use your real
name and Email address.
Dan Cochell 12.26.05 - 5:10 pm #"

I will break it down and reply to each of his whinings. "Why do you write crap like this?" Well, Dan - you only think it's crap because you like yourself. It's my opinion, my blog and I'll write what I see fit. You drive me crazy and I had to let everyone know about it.

"Do you think you would sound better than me." I know I do. I know my brother does.

"Have you ever been in a radio station let alone on the air at one?" Funny thing, Dan...I went to college for broadcasting and was on the air at KEPC for three semesters. Then I landed a job at KVUU as a board op before being wooed across the hall to KSPZ to be the 7pm-12am dj. All done without having to record one single aircheck tape or type up a resume. This was in the early 90's and I had the top rated show for my time slot while I was there. So, yeah...I have been on the air.

"Oh wait you all are wanna bee's. You want to be on the air but can't get a job on one." I just explained it, Dan, keep up will ya? I was on the air. So was Derek. So was Andy. We all realized that being in radio pretty much sucks and it's better to get out while you can. And..."wanna bee's?" Is that a new breed of insect?

"If you don't like what's on the air DON'T LISTEN?" Why is that a question? I don't listen, Dan. I get in the car when I get off work and I listen to Charlie give the news because he has a great voice and he's funny and smart. Then I listen to the Battle Of The Sexes because I enjoy the game. As soon as that's over, I turn on a CD. I used to listen all the way home then go inside and turn on the radio to finish listening. Now I avoid the morning show like the plague (except for the small time frame mentioned above.). You ruined the only good morning show in town. Plain & simple. At least for me. I'm sure there are listeners out there who think you're just fine and that's their opinion. This is mine. You are in the spotlight with the job you do. If you can't take criticism better than that then get the hell out! Not everyone is going to think you're the cat's meow.

"If you want to comment. Use your real name and Email address." Ummm....I did. I even used my real name on the air. If you tried to email me about my post and it kicked back to you, that's because my name changed and hence, my email address. If you feel you must continue to whine, do so in the comment box and you will get a response. And I'm betting not only from me. I notice you didn't leave an email address either.

Seriously, Dan...grow up. You need to learn to take constructive criticism if you're going to be in the public eye. I'm sure I'm not the only one annoyed by your use of the word "Correctamundo" or by the fact that you continuously stomp on posts by saying things that are completely unnecessary. I would apologize for offending you if you hadn't left the most whiniest-ass comment I've ever seen.

Have a nice day!


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