Monday, February 13, 2006

Common As A Flower

I'm really busy here at work this week with handtest - the only good thing about this is that it's a long test and it gives me time to read. Tonight I started reading the latest Dean Koontz book, Forever Odd. So far it's excellent, just like I knew it would be but...I just read something that I think insulted me. There's a character in the book who calls herself Datura and Odd Thomas, the character who's viewpoint the book is from, has decided that she gave the name to herself because it meant something to her & that she was born with a common name like Mary or Heather.

Heather?? A COMMON name?? Excuse me, Mr. Koontz - you may be my 2nd favorite author but I am not COMMON!! My name is not common. At least I don't think so. Common names are names like Mary (he was right about that one), Elizabeth, Ann, Barbara, Joan and Susan. Even though I'm named for a flowering weed, it's still not as common as other flower names like Rose or Daisy.

I feel so affronted. But that won't stop me from finishing the book! Have a great Monday!


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