Monday, March 27, 2006

A Family-Sized Rant

This has been circling in the back of my brain for a while now...I think it's time to exorcise this demon and get it out there.

I have a pair of family members who have this idea that only their kids are smart. No one else could possibly compare to them in a match of brains or wits. It's inconceivable.

The first incident occurred maybe 5, 6 years ago when I went with Mom to Grand Junction to visit Grandma & Grandpa. Of course, visiting them means visiting with the other family members who live over there. Family Member #1 was over for lunch one afternoon and Mom started telling him how I had been on jury duty that January and described the case a little bit to him (not sure if I've ever posted about my time on jury duty. Perjury case, found the guy innocent, boring as hell. That's it in a nutshell.). After Mom stopped talking, he said, "You know, it's a proven fact that they only pick the dumbest people for jury duty." I seriously started looking around the kitchen for something to throw at his head. Only Mom's warning glare stopped me. He went on & on & on about his wife's time in court and how the jury picked to hear her trial was soooo stupid, blah blah blah....and then started in on his sons, how brilliant they all are, yadda yadda yadda. After he stopped talking, Grandpa piped up with, "I think all our grandkids are smart, present company included." Thank you Grandpa!!!

The 2nd incident occurred just a few weeks ago when we were over for Grandpa's funeral. There was a large group of us sitting in the living room playing Mom's favorite game, Catch Phrase. My cousin, one of the Smart Ones, said as his clue, "A Roman emperor..." I immediately hollered out the one Roman Emperor everyone thinks of right away, Nero. It was correct and play passed on However, Family Member #2 said to her other brilliant son who was sitting next to her, "Wow! She must play this game a lot to know that!" Uh! Why do I have to play that game to know who Nero was??? I know stuff, especially from history since that's my thing as of late. It just infuriated me the more I thought about it. I didn't say anything then because of the circumstances surrounding the reason we were all there and it wouldn't have been appropraite to make a scene.

But damn!! These two make me so angry!! No one can match up to their professor with a doctorate son, their engineer son, their son who owns a lawn business, their son who has a business degree but is unemployed, living with Mom & Dad. Doesn't matter what you do, you're dumb because you're not one of their children. They should spend a little time with Derek and actually let him talk rather than yapping his ear off one day - I think the Knight kids would definitely surprise them.

Ahhh, there. I feel so much better now!! I hope you all have a fine Tuesday!


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