Thursday, April 13, 2006

Magic Christian Music

I was surfing through blogs today, being bored, and stumbled across this post. It made me so happy I almost cried! It's nice to see when other people agree with me, especially about something as important to me as Badfinger & Pete Ham!!

Since Cliff did his review on Magic Christian Music, I'm going to steal that idea and talk about Pete's first posthumous CD, 7 Park Avenue. I remember when this was slated to come out I saw a review of it in People Magazine and about fell over! I couldn't believe that anyone at People Magazine knew who Pete was nevertheless felt this release was important enough to print a review. It was a favorable one as well.

I grabbed a buddy of mine the morning of it's release and ran to Best Buy on our morning break. There was one copy and it was mine - MIIINNNE!!!! We got back to work and I immediately busted out the CD player and popped it in. As soon as "Catherine Cares" started I was in tears. I love Pete's voice and to hear it so clear and in raw form (most of the tracks were demos he recorded alone on a reel machine with the drums or extra guitars added years later) practically broke my heart. "Coppertone Blues" quickly became my favorite song by him EVER followed closely by "Leaving On A Midnight Train" and the demo version of (my bloggy namesake) "Matted Spam."

Pete's 2nd solo cd came out a year or two later and one of the tracks which I can never remember the name of (shame on me, I call myself a Pete Ham fan...) had him talking at the beginning, saying he was "gonna have another cigarette." I don't think I ever actually listened to the song for a month because I couldn't get over hearing Pete's speaking voice.

So!! There's my copycat post for the day! :-) I know I've said this before but if you've never listened to Badfinger - GO LISTEN!! But not to "Come & Get It" - - although this is a great little tune, Paul McCartney wrote it, making it the only song to be recorded by Badfinger that was not written by a member of the band. To get the full Badfinger experience, listen to something like "We're For The Dark" from the No Dice album or "Lost Inside Your Love" which is my favorite non-Pete-penned BF song!!

Have a great weekend!


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