Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wax On, Wax Off

Sometime last year at work we were told that if we met a certain monetary goal in the budget by the end of the year, there would be a plant-wide bonus.

Morale was high.

A few months ago we learned that the bonus was for fab only because our section "didn't participate in the last shutdown." We were told to continue working through the shutdown because we had a number of high priority products to get out the door - it's not like we had a choice.

Morale was low.

A few weeks ago, they started remodeling the hallway in our building. Obviously, this was what they spent the money on rather than give us a bonus. They painted the walls and ripped up the carpet, replacing it with fancy marble-esque tile.

The problems with the tile are many-fold.

#1) It's harder to clean now for the cleaning people. Rather than run a vacuum over it they have to sweep and mop.

#2) When it rains or snows, the floors will become wet & slippery. I mentioned this to Collin and he gave me great advice: "Move slow and stay low."

#3) We have a large number of people who work strictly in the office area and are required to dress nice which means a lot of the women are wearing heels. I foresee many twisted ankles in our future.

#4) It now needs to be maintained to keep it's sparkling brillance and therefore an outside waxing company is brought in. That brings me to the whole point of my rant today, ladies & gentlemen. The waxing people. It's two people, a man & a woman. The man is young and short and the woman is tall and mountainously huge. We're pretty sure they're married and the image is like Jack Spratt & his wife. Anyway, they were waxing the floor tonight but they started at 8:15pm which is when breaks start. They blocked off the WHOLE HALLWAY to wax, effectively trapping all of us inside our floor. A number of us, including me, tried to go out the back door off of my floor to get to a bathroom and were told by the surly man, "Floor's closed." That's a quote. I asked him " one can go to the bathroom at all?" "10 minutes," he barked. Trust me, I really had to go so he got The Look. And not only were both bathrooms blocked but so were the only two entances/exits in the building! You have to wonder who's bright idea that was! There were alot of pretty mad people on my floor last night!

That's my rant for the day. Hope you all have a fine Wednesday.


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