Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The last couple of years I've made my year-end posts listing off all the books I read over the past 12 months. This year my goal is to try to read 200* but unless I speed things up, I'm never going to make it! But if I do make it, the list will be unbearably long so I've decided to do a month-to-month list and at the end of the year post my final tally. Since it's May and I only just thought of this, the next few posts will be me playing catch-up.

Without any further ado, here are the books I read in January:

1. Heaven And Earth - Nora Roberts

2. Face The Fire - Nora Roberts

3. Winter House - Carol O'Connell

4. Bubbles Abound - Sarah Strohmeyer

5. Bubbles In Trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer

6. Bubbles Ablaze - Sarah Strohmeyer

7. Bubbles A Broad - Sarah Strohmeyer

8. Colder Than Ice - Maggie Shayne

9. Mary, Mary - James Patterson

10. Carolina Isle - Jude Deveraux

11. Mail Order Groom - Sandra Chastain

12. Murder On The Orient Express - Agatha Christie

My new feature with my book lists this year is a Book Of The Month. Then I'll name a Book Of The Year. January's BOTM was Colder Than Ice by Maggie Shayne. She is a phenomenal writer and that book is the 2nd in a (as of now) trilogy about a psychic religious cult leader and his daughter. You may think that sounds weird but the books are amazing!!

* = Last week we had a Buddy Training Class at work and the lady who gave it was one of those bubbly, never stops talking kind of women. She asked a couple people why they bothered getting up in the morning and coming to work, what was their motivation. I was hoping she would ask me. My answer: "I have books in my locker that I need to read!" Seriously, my locker holds more books than my parents have ever owned!! And since I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can read, maybe 200 books in a year isn't that big a goal.

And one more side note -- the book that I just finished, Play Dead by Leslie O'Kane (one of the few authors I discovered on my own and wasn't reccommended by anyone), I picked up at a used book store for $3.50. I opened it tonight to start reading it and guess what? It was autographed!! I thought that was awesome. Either the people at the book store didn't realize it was signed or Leslie O'Kane isn't worth that much. Considering how much I like her books, I'm willing to bet it's the former.

February's list coming soon!!


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