Tuesday, May 30, 2006

February Book List

So the 2nd month might be the shortest of the year but I was doing so much handtesting at work that I went through books like wildfire. Here's the rundown:

13. Murder In Mesepotamia - Agatha Christie

14. They Came To Baghdad - Agatha Christie

15. Darker Than Midnight - Maggie Shayne

16. High Tide - Jude Deveraux

17. Out Of This World - A short story complilation that included:

-Interlude In Death - J.D. Robb

-Kinsman - Susan Krinard

-Immortality - Maggie Shayne

-Magic Like Heat Across My Skin - Laurell K. Hamilton

18. Forever Odd - Dean Koontz

19. Ghost Dance - Mark T. Sullivan

20. Once Upon A Castle - A short story complilation that included:

-Spellbound - Nora Roberts

-Castle Doom - Jill Gregory

-Falcon's Lair - Ruth Ryan Langan

-DragonSpell - Marianna Willman

21. Moon Shadows - A short story compiliation that included:

-Wolf Moon - Nora Roberts

-The Moon Witch - Jill Gregory

-Blood On The Moon - Ruth Ryan Langan

-West Of The Moon - Marianna Willman

22. The MacGregor Brides - Nora Roberts

23. The MacGregor Grooms - Nora Roberts

24. The MacGregors: Serena & Caine - Nora Roberts

25. Queens Of England - Norah Lofts

26. The MacGregors: Daniel & Ian - Nora Roberts

The Book Of The Month actually went to a short story - Blood On The Moon by Ruth Ryan Langan. It was a wonderfully told tale of murder, revenge and love that made me cry. I can't ask for much more than that!

I've just recently discovered Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb and as the coming months' lists are posted, you'll see their names a lot more! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend and don't forget about the new post on Anton & Olga's site!!


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