Monday, May 29, 2006

Illustration Friday - Cake!!

My take on "Cake" - a wedding card shaped like a cake! I started out with scraps of paper that looked like a close-up of a wedding dress then glued them to card stock paper and shaped them to look like cake layers. I covered those with vellum which I attached with tiny yellow brads. The "cherish" sticker is 3-D (I got it at Mom's store for 50 cents!!!) and the white ribbon at the top is attached to.... (drum roll please)....

The card doesn't open like a normal card - you tug the ribbon and the "wish" portion is revealed, written on champagne glasses. I glued a piece of ribbon to the top and the bottom of the glasses then attached the bottom to the back of the card before covering it with the backing. I left a "hole" for the glasses so when the ribbon is tugged, the wish slides out easily. Here's a better view of the glasses:

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