Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Illustration Friday Week 2: Fat

About 2 years ago, I posted a story about my friend's daughter. What she said stuck with me and inspired this drawing:

Here's the story: Shanon & I were shopping and Elena, Shanon's daughter (who was 2, almost 3 at the time), was acting a little draggy. The conversation went like this:

Shanon: Elena, why are you so droopy?

Elena: Because I'm fat, Mama. (sigh) I'm fat like a flower.

No idea where it came from, she never said it again but it was so cute that I always think about it whenever anyone says anything about the word "fat."

The picture is a little lopsided, due to the fact that I was talking on the phone to Collin while I drew it. It's also only in pencil because I was at work and that was all I had at my disposal. I think it would look pretty if I colored it in pastel chalk. I'm thinking maybe I could actually turn it into a wall hanging if I could find the right supplies. Hobby Lobby, here I come! :-)


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